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The Utah Justice Foundation has a MISSION to inform, to educate, and to seek Justice for ALL involved with the criminal justice system in the state of Utah.

We seek to help criminal defendants receive fair and balanced Justice for their particular circumstances and case! We seek long-term solutions for each defendant, while being mindful of the interests of victims and society.


The Utah Justice Foundation is a Utah Non-Profit Corporation and we welcome all donations. They will be used to advance our Mission.

You landed at this DONATIONS page for one of the following reasons:

  • You have participated in our Docket Request Program.

  • You have participated in our Warrant Check Program.

  • You have participated in our Online Forms Program. coming soon!

  • You clicked on a Make a Donation to UJF link.

If you have participated in one of the programs, Thank You for doing so. This means you are taking action with regard to your situation and the Utah Justice Foundation is here to help you. Your request will be met shortly, and there is no obligation for you to make a donation now, or ever.

On the other hand, if you are able to make a DONATION, please do so knowing that you will help us keep these programs going as well as add more prgrams in the future. Every $5, $10, or $____ dollars helps.

If you clicked a link to get here, we are glad you did and appreciate your support!

The two methods for making a donation to the
Utah Justice Foundation are described below.
Again, THANK YOU for your support!


The Utah Justice Foundation is a Utah Non-Profit Corporation and we can accept your donations by mail (check) or online via PayPal.com.

    1. If making your donation by mail, please send it to -
    Utah Justice Foundation
    P.O. Box 572556
    Murray, UT 84157
    2. If making your donation online via PayPal.com, please use -
    Our account - member@utahjusticefoundation.org

    or, simply click on the Donate button below.

The Utah Justice Foundation will send a receipt for your DONATION if you provide us with your name and address for doing so.


The Utah Justice Foundation is a Utah Non-Profit Corporation and we plan to seek approval as a 501(3)c Non-Profit Corporation such that all contributions will be tax deductible without question. We are hopeful that approval may come soon. When approval does come, it should be retro-active to our business commencement date. Until then, each person must evaluate his or her own tax situation if this is a deciding factor in a decision to make a donation to the Utah Justice Foundation.

Note: You may have a business reason for making a DONATION, which could also provide a tax deduction avenue.

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