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The Utah Justice Foundation appreciates your interest in our Warrant Check Program. This program is designed to assist criminal defendants in knowing whether a warrant is outstanding against them and for what reason. This is important information to have as soon as poosible such that defendants may receive counsel and/or representation from an attorney qualified to handle each defendant's case and particular situation.

Please note that the Utah Justice Foundation seeks to help criminal defendants receive fair and balanced Justice for their particular circumstances and case! You may review our complete Mission Statement at the link in the left column.

Keep in mind that not all court records are available without a call or trip to the courthouse. However, we can review District Court records online through a service, and usually determine from the Court Docket whether a warrant is outstanding. This will cover Felony cases and Class A misdemeanor cases. We also have access to a summary record from the Salt Lake City Justice Court for Class B misdemeanor cases, and it will show if a warrant is outstanding.

The quickest method for obtaining the information is by calling the Utah Justice Foundation TOLL FREE at 1-855-700-1190. We can then look up the information for you (in most cases) while you are on the telephone with us.

You may also choose to call the Court directly; however, if you do, the Court Clerk may attempt to give you "notice" of something pending in your case (like a court hearing), and there are situations where it would be best to talk with an attorney before you talk with anyone at the Courthouse. Talking with us at the Utah Justice Foundation is not the same as talking to a Court Clerk, as we will not place a note in the court record that you have called us and received information about your case. If you would like to call the Court yourself, click below the map of Utah in the right column for access to all the information you will need.

You may also choose to request a warrant check via email by completing the form below and clicking on the Send Email button. Please be certain to complete all of the requested information so we can search thoroughly for the cases pending against you and whether a warrant is outstanding in any of those cases.

This Warrant Check Program is for criminal defendants - it is not for attorneys, or for the general public to investigate someone other than himself or herself. So, please do not ask us to search for warrants outstanding for anyone other than for yourself.

The Judicial Districts Map to the right may assist you as you complete the form below. You are not required to send any comments or an attachment. Once you have completed the entire form, simply click on the Send Email button and the Utah Justice Foundation will get back with you as soon as possible.

Full Name:
Street Address:

Case No. (if known):

Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy):

Alleged Charge(s) (if known):

Date of Incident/Arrest(mm/dd/yyyy):

City of Incident:

County of Incident:

Attorney Name or None:

Are You the Defendant (yes or no)?

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