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The Utah Justice Foundation has a mission to inform, to educate, and to seek Justice for ALL involved with the criminal justice system in Utah.

We seek to help criminal defendants receive fair and balanced Justice for their particular circumstances and case! We seek long-term solutions for each defendant, while being mindful of the interests of victims and society.

The criminal justice system tends to focus most on punishment and not enough on the CAUSE of the objectionable behavior. In addition, many other organizations simply direct defendants where THEY wish.

At the Utah Justice Foundation, we seek to use non-judgmental and forward-thinking approachs to allow each defendant to realize his or her true desires for a life in accord with societal norms! Then, together, we design a program for the defendant to achieve what he or she wants for his or her life in addition to paying the debts owed to the victim(s) and to society.

The objective is for all defendants (except those incarcerated for life) to exit the criminal justice system permanently - without repeating offences - thereby achieving long-term benefits for the defendants, for law enforcement, for the courts, for victims of crimes, for society, and for the citizens of Utah!


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