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The Utah Justice Foundation has a MISSION to inform, to educate, and to seek Justice for ALL involved with the criminal justice system in the state of Utah.

We know that VICTIMS of crimes are very much involved with our criminal justice system, and their voices must be heard!

The Utah Justice Foundation seeks to assist victims with their personal recovery from damages and injuries caused by criminal defendants. Further, we seek to assist in reducing the number of future victims through programs that focus on full accountability and rehabilitation of criminal defendants such that they will not repeat their offences but rather become productive, law-abiding members of society.


The following video highlights some of the concerns victims have with our criminal justice system.
It is from the Office for Victims of Crimes and runs 15 minutes.

Links for Victims of Crimes

  • Directory of Crime Victims Services

  • DOJ Office for Victims of Crimes

  • Utah Crime Victims Legal Clinic

  • Victim Service Providers Assistance

  • VINElink - Victim Notification re Custody Status

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